Acting auditions are often intimidating because you may have never met the casting director before and you don't know exactly what they're looking for. If you work hard to prepare for your audition, however, you'll have more confidence, which will show when you get on stage. Actors must be willing to perform in front of numerous people and with little time to prepare.

Be available

If you cannot make it to the audition contact the Director and try to arrange another time. Do NOT make excuses. If you have lost your voice or have only just heard about the audition just give it a go. If you are offered the opportunity to audition for other roles – take it! Be flexible.

Make sure you are available on rehearsal nights and check the production dates. If you cannot, it is important to tell the director at the time of the audition.


An acting audition isn't just about lines; it's also about the character you're going to play. If possible, try to get a copy of the script prior to the audition date or do some research about the play, go online and read reviews about the play, look on youtube. Directors appreciate actors “getting to know" a character before reading for the part. Sometimes, a decision will be made not on your acting ability, but on your interpretation of the character in the production. For example, if you're going to play a police officer, you might interpret the character as a little harsh with an edge, which should come through in your audition.


If auditioning for a musical have a song prepared. Ask before hand if there is a pianist, and bring a score. Pick a song that suits the character.


If you are not sure about auditioning for a principal role, try out for the chorus or a cameo role. You can be guaranteed to have the most fun and gain a lot of experience.


In preparing for your acting audition, try your best to relax. Don't fuss over the lines in the script or your persona in the few hours before the audition; instead, visit with friends or watch a little television to quiet your mind. If you're tense, you won't perform as well and you'll hurt your chances for getting the part. Try to ease your mind by focusing it on something else until it's time to perform.

On the Day

Get to the audition early, Find out how the audition is going to run. Will you be auditioned individually or as a group?

Better luck next time

If you are not successful this time DO NOT GIVE UP! Offer to assist the production team. Go to lots of auditions. Directors may see something in you that you have not considered.