With the Best Will in the World

With the Best Will in the World

Directed by Alma Riley


Centre Stage would like to send out a massive thank you to all those that came along and supported this collection of pieces from Shakepeare.  Alma Riley did an amazing job of making Shakespeare fun and accessible to all.

We have received some great feedback via email which I will be sharing here as I receive more.  

Margaret and I really enjoyed the show, very well do Alma – Bruce Morrison

Alma Riley's  choices of scenes & original interpretation was clever.  She has brought superb work out of her cast. It was the most superb of production & made Shakespeare so accessible to everyone, & the front of house staff, the food ,the compere, it all was magnificent. I only wish I could have seen it again.- Gilli Sutton.

Just to let you know I was thrilled to see a poster for the Best Will in the World.  The production was superb and it was  fantastic to see that Alma had been persuaded to come out of retirement.
Our group of three loved the production. We were left wanting more at each interlude. the  quality of everything was excellent and we  enjoyed the supper  too. A great night out with excellent theatre. – Marilyn Collin-Dawson
I really enjoyed the Shakespeare plays and took my kids along and they were spellbound. – Kathy Mackay

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