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My Name is Moana

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 Friday 28th April at Centre Stage Playhouse, 2 Matai St, Taupo

Some songs haunt us. They remind us where we’ve been and hint at where we’re going. It’s a bit like Ocean or Moana, that vast expanse of blue, that mysterious watery highway that connects our islands and people.

MY NAME IS MOANA is an intimate 90-­ÔÇÉminute tribute to the ocean led by singer and songwriter Moana Maniapoto, whose music (so interwoven with NZ identity) has taken her from garage parties in South Auckland to exotic stages around the world.

Using an intoxicating mixture of music, myth and personal anecdotes, we discover and share our relationship to Ocean and with each other.

Haere mai! Let Moana and her talented musicians host you with their own little garage party. Bring your gat or ukulele. Join them for a delightful showcase of sublime singing and captivating storytelling that will draw you in, make you think, feel, laugh, sing along and possibly even dance.

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